Precision Diagnostics for all x86 and x64 based platforms


Toolstar®testLX is diagnostic software made by Toolhouse (a German company) for technicians, OEMs, network administrators - anyone who is responsible for the proper functioning of PC based platform. 


Our goal was to develop a product that would allow all components of a PC to be scrutinized for errors, as quickly as possible.  In toolstar®testLX, the experience we have gained over many years of cooperation with PC manufacturers, system houses and service companies has delivered a superior product. 


You get a diagnostic software of the highest caliber, which is constantly enhanced and adapted to customer requirements.

Virtual I/O Solutions is the distributor for Toolhouse in North America.

  • Boots to any x86 or x64 platform

  • Automated problem determination, customized, pre-built scripts available

  • Ability to remotely log into tool from central location to manage/view test results

  • Integrated hard drive eraser available to wipe multiple drives concurrently, erasure report is automatically saved

  • Unlimited use license which can be renewed annually

Processor tests

CPU core (registers, stack manipulation, addressing modes, flags, integer arithmetic, BCD operations, bit operations, sequencer, string operations, processor I / O, exceptions) FPU (load and store, instruction set, rounds, and Truncation, exceptions), MMX unit, 3DNow! and SSE Unit (Data Transfers, Packed Arithmetic, Packed Comparisons, Data Conversion, Logical Operations, Shift Operations


Board and BIOS Information (Manufacturer, BIOS Date, Chipset) PCI Device List, Details and Tests (Bus Scan Direct, BIOS: Device Search, 16-Bit Functions, 32-Bit Functions), Plug and Play, Interrupts, DMA and CMOS RAM / Real Time Clock Tests (Read, Write, Battery Status, Checksum, Diagnostic Status, Clock Ticking, Alarm)


fast test, extended test, CPU cache test (random pattern, checkerboard pattern, windows mode, complementary bits, left and right-hand bits, large complements, distributed access, display of possible memory areas, SPD-Eeprom Reader


Tests for floppy disk drive (reading test, writing test (non-destructive), mechanics test, viewing sectors), tests for hard disk (reading test, writing test (non-destructive), mechanics test , viewing sectors, controller test), CD-ROM, DVD, ZIP, LS120, USB Drive


USB host controller, specifications, manufacturer, name and status. USB Device Overview and Details, Controller Test. Serial and parallel ports, matching test plugs are optional. (Internal loop-back test, handshake test, send / receive test, controller test, status port test)

Graphics tests

(Test image, lattice image, primary colors, grayscale, color gradations, video memory test, VGA split screen)

Tests that can be run include:

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